Kippax Parish Council

About the Council

Kippax Parish Council was established in June 2004 and is composed of 16 Councillors who represent the three wards in Kippax. Whilst the councillor roles are voluntary, the Council is an elected tier of local government. The "Parish" refers to the boundaries of Kippax that we serve. We are funded by a precept on your Council Tax but we will also generate additional income from other sources that will be invested in Kippax.

In addition to the Full Council, there is also a series of working groups and committees who focus on specific areas and projects and provide recommendations to the full council.  

We are here to serve the Kippax Community and improve the local environment through delivering projects and events and liaising with Leeds City Council on matters relating to planning, highways, community facilities and much more.

We are also responsible for approving grants for projects that benefit our community. For more information see our, Community Grants page.

Where can you find out more information?

In addition to the website, you can follow us on Facebook for updates and you will also find notice boards at various sites in the village - Co-op, Gibson Lane Community Centre, Kippax Leisure Centre, Kippax Library Leeds Rd Bus Shelter (near The Common). 

When do we meet?

The Full Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm at Valley Ridge Community Centre. Press and Public are welcome to each meeting, with time on the agenda dedicated to a public forum. The Working Groups also meet regularly. For more information, see our Meetings, Minutes and Agendas page.


How to get involved

Your views really do matter. We want to know what you think about the work we do, what we should be doing and we need to know when there are problems so that where possible we can take action to put them right. You can contact any of the councillors, attend the meetings, speak to us on social media or contact the Clerk via email:

You can also get involved by applying for grants for projects.

We would also like to hear from individuals, local groups, organisations, traders and businesses as we are keen to work in partnership serving the Kippax Community. We are also keen to expand the website and can provide links for local organisations and businesses please contact any of the Councillors for further details.