Kippax Community Pantry

The Kippax Community Pantry is an initiative to support our community organised by Kippax Parish Council and generously supported by our Labour Ward Councillors (Mary Harland, James Lewis & Michael Miller) and local organisations.

The Community Pantry is open every Saturday, 9am-10:30am at Kippax North Primary School. Visitors will be able to 'shop' for their essentials and pay as much or as little as they can.

Fresh and Frozen food is available at 50p per item. 

No referral is needed and everyone is welcome, whether you need to come regularly or just every so often as and when you need. Please don't worry or struggle in silence - we are here to support you.

We welcome donations and there are donation points are currently at Kippax Coop, Brigshaw High School, St Mary's Church, Kippax Community Hub and HIC! Ledston